Supplementing existing catering systems with ward based food provision to deliver six eating opportunities per day.

Mini meals

Our research found that many older patients may miss or eat insufficient food at meal times and snack choice is limited.  Older patients can also be over faced by the large portions typically provided in the three main meals per day.

hospitalfoodie provides six smaller energy and nutrient dense mini meals per day to include smaller portions of breakfast, lunch and dinner from central catering and additional mini meals provided by the ward during normal snack times.

We have developed a range of nutrient dense mini meals for older people including: biscuits and cakes, ice creams, soups and savoury scones.

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Tailored menus

Hospital staff told us that existing approaches to ordering meals are inefficient and require patients to order well in advance of the meal.

With hospitalfoodie meals are ordered through the bedside touch screen.

Although actual ordering times vary depending on the hospital catering systems, touch screen ordering ensures that meals from central catering need to be ordered no more than 2 meals in advance.
The patient’s food preferences and dietary restrictions will be entered into hospitalfoodie to ensure that only appropriate choices are presented. 

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Ward food provision

The hospitalfoodie system includes ward kitchen facilities and a mini meal trolley to deliver ward based mini meals.  If a patient misses a meal, the ward kitchen will enable staff to provide a mini meal outside set meal times.

Ward based mini meals can be ordered through the digital ordering system or chosen directly from the trolley.

Setting the scene

Before each meal, the bedside touch screen will present a picture of the food ordered and a pre-meal checklist for staff including guidance on helping the patient into a comfortable position for eating and any equipment required such as spectacles or dentures.

The hospitalfoodie system includes a dedicated dining surface which is fully adjustable and contoured to fit around the body.  Staff will be encouraged to have a cup of tea whilst assisting patients at meal times, providing a more relaxed and sociable atmosphere.